What a UK Medical Insurance Entails

A medical insurance is basically a type of insurance designed to provide cover against medical expenses risks. The cover is usually administered by a body like a government agency, a company or even a private entity and depending on the insurer and insured agreement the benefit may cover for medical expenses resulting from injury or sickness, accident losses, disability, dismemberment or even accidental death.

The NHS provides medical coverage to every resident of UK and although not entirely an insurance system, the NHS system handles the risk of medical expenses arising from sickness and any other cause for ill-health. This system accounts for the largest portion of UK's healthcare including long term healthcare, primary healthcare, in-patient, dentistry to name but a few. Apart from NHS, there are numerous private medical insurance covers available to the citizens. Private medical insurance provide various benefits to users including immediate consultation, unrestricted visits; users also have the opportunity to choose their doctors. 

However, even with such benefits, the majority of PMI in the UK is restricted as not all treatments are provided by the private sector. Some of the treatments not covered by a majority of PMI in the UK or which are provided with restricting clauses include insurance on ageing, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, eyesight, developmental and behavioral problems, reconstructive treatment, experimental drugs, allergies, birth control, HRTs, pre-existing conditions to name but a few. The NHS is tasked with the responsibility of providing for such services.

Health is one of the most important things you can have in life as it determines other spheres of your life; for example, your productivity at work, your relationship with others, your view on the general world among other things. For that reason therefore, it will be prudent for you to first pre-determine the conditions covered by your private insurer of your choice before subscribing.

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